Premature Ejaculation (PE) is one of the hardest things in life a man can deal with. Are you afraid to date because you’ll meet a woman and once again disappoint her? Are you tired of being hard on yourself, getting negative attitude and criticism from others and feeling like a failure?

You have come to the right place. This where you can learn the truth about PE from a real expert who cares about men. There is hope. PE is not your fault! My self-hypnosis sessions will restore confidence so you can enjoy sex for a life time.
Men with PE get a bad rap. They are told that they are selfish and all they have to do is hold off and concentrate on pleasing the woman. But the fact is that you already try very hard to please a women sexually. Then you suddenly have an orgasm that is out of your control and the game is over.

Of course, the harder a man tries not to have an orgasm, the sooner he is likely lose control. That’s why it is such a frustrating condition. That’s also why self-hypnosis can get to the unconscious source of the problem and eliminate it.
Great sex begins by relaxing and taking it easy. That is the first clue on how to overcome PE and have the sex life you deserve. Trying hard is a sure way to fail. But if your whole life is hard work and trying hard, how do you change? I like to say that sex is adults at play. And it really is true.

When you can just relax with a woman and enjoy yourself, wonderful things happen. Self-hypnosis can open the door to relaxing, enjoying sexual pleasure and having all the amazing benefits that good sex brings into your life.
In working with men over the years I learned one important fact that sets men with PE apart from the crowd. Almost all of them are hard-working and successful.

That’s what makes the problem so frustrating for them. They are used to winning, but in this area, the harder they try, the more likely they are to fail. My sessions show you how to relax and stop trying so hard, eliminate anxiety and break the vicious cycle of PE.


Dr. Karen Gless

Dr. Gless, Ph.D. is a Marriage and Family Therapist, has a doctorate in psychology and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing gives her an understanding of physiology. Along with specialized training in sex therapy, she has advanced education in hypnotherapy and is a certified hypnotherapist.

Years of actual practice with patients at her office have produced a voice and delivery that helps men relax deeply and go into hypnosis easily. Each session has its own induction tailored to the topic of that session instead of using the same boring induction over and over like others do.

Then visualization and erotic imagery are used to help men experience and enjoy the mild sexual arousal that is necessary to produce real change in sexual functioning.

In summary, Dr. Gless has produced powerful, self-hypnotic sessions that produce real, lasting change.


The Reality of Premature Ejaculation

Men have a problem with PE at one time or another.

Men with sexual problems have a partner with a problem

Men with erectile dysfunction have low sexual desire.

Men have some erectile dysfunction by age 40.

Learning Self-Hypnosis

The first MP3 set, Learning Self-Hypnosis, introduces you to the Pleasure Principle and self-hypnosis. Dr. Gless tells you how the Pleasure Principle works and gives your first training in self-hypnosis.

Greater Pleasure

The second MP3 set, Greater Pleasure, uses self-hypnosis to eliminate negative beliefs about sex and tap into your capacity to deeply enjoy sex. With these self-hypnosis sessions you will learn how to enjoy all the sensual and sexual pleasures you can have.


The third MP3 set, Potency, increases your confidence and connects you with the power of pleasure. Your unconscious mind releases old performance expectations so you can feel confident about your erection. This MP3 reprograms your unconscious mind to approach sex with confidence and positive expectations. The focus is on pleasure and success.

Lasting Pleasure

The Fourth MP3 set, Lasting Pleasure, gives you the skills you need to function confidently and with full enjoyment. You learn to identify the Point of No Return, the point where orgasm is inevitable, and the sensations that lead up to that point. Then you learn to maintain your erection by focusing on pleasure and controlling the Point of No Return so you can last as long as you want to, as long as you need to.



How to use the MP3s

The MP3 Sets for Men increase a man’s ability to enjoy sex and to perform effortlessly and easily by paying attention to his experience of sexual pleasure. In self-hypnosis you turn everything around. You make big changes in your life by taking it easy and letting things happen. It is the complete opposite of how most men with PE are used to doing things.

Getting Started

The first MP3 set, Learning Self-Hypnosis, shows you how to enter self-hypnosis and use its power to have a great sex life.

Track one
, “The Pleasure Principle,” reveals how to get past performance expectations and use the power of pleasure to last longer.

Track two
, “Guide to using the Sessions,” shows you how to use the sessions for maximum results.

Track three
, “Training in Self-Hypnosis,” is your first self-hypnotic session. Each time you listen to this session, your ability to enter and use the hypnotic state increases.

I recommend listening to “Training in Self-Hypnosis” at least three times or as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable in the self-hypnotic state before going on to the other sessions. You can come back to the “Training in Self-Hypnosis” for a tune up whenever you need. Many people use this session to enter the self-hypnotic state and then stay there for a while to achieve other aims such as increasing self-confidence, dealing with phobias or other problems. 

The Power of Pleasure

The second MP3 set, Greater Pleasure, helps you eliminate destructive performance expectations. When you try to last longer and keep a rock hard erection, it is actually more difficult to be a good lover. Once you open up to the wonderful pleasures the body can give you, it is easier to drift and take your time with lovemaking.

Track one
, “Getting Free,” addresses those performance expectations that can make every sexual encounter an anxiety filled struggle against pleasure and your body. These self-hypnosis sessions free you from performance expectations and guide you to relaxed, wonderful sexual encounters.

Track two
, “Greater Pleasure,” increases your sense of comfort about your sexuality and your role as a man. In this session you visualize pleasant sexual experiences and learn how to deepen your sexual pleasure instead of fighting against it.

Most men get the best results by listening to track one, “Getting Free,” three or four days in a row. For others, once is enough to get rid of attitudes and feelings that are no longer appropriate. Listen to track two, “Greater Pleasure,” once a day for three or four days before going on to other sessions.

Potency through Pleasure

The third MP3 set, Potency, focuses on using the Pleasure Principle to easily produce an erection.

Track one, “Erectile Confidence,” guides the unconscious mind to let go of the demands you put on yourself and relaxes you so deeply that pleasure takes over and produces an erection easily and naturally.

Track two, “Potency through Pleasure,” shows how to use pleasure as your guide and let your body do the work. By forgetting about getting an erection and letting nature take its course, you can have reliable, long lasting erections.

Learning to Last

The fourth MP3 set, Lasting Pleasure, deals with the difference between getting turned on and having an orgasm. Most men with PE can’t feel the difference between arousal and reaching the point where an orgasm is inevitable, the point of no return. In self-hypnosis you can explore these feelings and finally learn what it feels like to get aroused and drift in pleasure.

Track one, “Learning to Last,” enables the mind and body to identify the point of no return and tell the difference between arousal and impending orgasm.

Track two, “Prolonging Pleasure,” guides the body and unconscious mind through the process of lengthening the arousal phase and really enjoying its sensations. Then you can last as long as you want to, as long as you need to. When you fight against pleasure, you are guaranteed to lose. This is where you learn how to easily drift into pleasure and last longer.

Using the MP3 Sessions

You can begin with either MP3 set, Potency or Lasting Pleasure, depending on which seems most relevant to your needs. Then go on to the other MP3 set. For best results you can listen to each track for three or four days until you master it and then go on to the other track.

Later on you can listen to any track whenever you want to as a tune up. Of course, some other pattern may work best for you. It doesn’t matter as long as you listen to the sessions and let your unconscious mind do the work.

Pure Pleasure System




Begin by reading through the introduction to the easy-to-read book, or listen to the first two tracks of the first MP3 set, Learning Self-Hypnosis.




Find a place where you can be alone and relax. Listen to track three, “Training in Self-Hypnosis,” of the first MP3 set, Learning Self-Hypnosis Obviously you don’t want to be driving a car or engaged in any other activity that requires your attention. This session introduces you to self-hypnosis and gets you started on your journey to sexual power through pleasure.




Now you are ready to go on to listen to the sessions in the MP3 sets, Potency and Lasting Pleasure. These MP3’s are most effective when you can listen to one track once a day, usually in the order given. But even once or twice a week is helpful. Each session is 20 minutes long.  For example, you can listen once a day to track one for four days in a row and then to track two for four days in a row. Or you can use any pattern that works for you.




After going through all the sessions, you can listen to any track whenever you want as a tune up to refresh your ability to use self-hypnosis and pleasure as your guide to sexual power. Of course, you can use any pattern that works best for you. It doesn’t matter as long as you listen to the MP3’s and let your unconscious mind do the work.



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OUR Satisfied Customers

I have been enjoying the mp3s. Normally it is hard for me to set aside time for things like this but with these it’s different. They are so relaxing that yesterday I sat in a chair and still went very deep. I am happy to report that I am lasting longer and I have more desire for her now that I am not worrying about disappointing her.


San Diego, CA

I have only been listening to the sessions for 2 weeks yet already my wife tells me sex is a lot better. Now I can get turned on without losing it immediately


Omaha, NE

I really like your voice. The problem is after a few minutes I can’t remember what you said. And the weird thing is it seems to be working anyway. I don’t get as nervous around my girlfriend so we have started making love again. I am even less anxious at work around my boss.


St Louis, MO