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Dr. Karen Gless, PhD, MFT, RN

Relationship and
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I have a private psychotherapy practice in San Diego, California, for more than 14 years. I help my patients
deal with problems in their relationships and in their sex lives. Feel free to contact me at

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Here is what some of my clients have to say:

"Thanks again for everything – You really made a difference in our lives". Alice and Paul

"You were the first to give us tests to help us understand ourselves and each other. We saw several therapists and you were the first one to help us". Sheila and Henry

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Dr. Karen Gless

Dr. Karen Gless, Ph.D.

Are Premature Ejaculation or Impotence

Ruining Your Sex Life?

Dr Karen Gless Has Helped Many

Men Overcome PE and Enjoy Their Sex Life Again.

Problems with premature ejaculation (PE)? Impotence?

You know how frustrating and embarrassing they are. PE and impotence are hard on a man and on his relationships.

In my practice as a sex therapist men come in to see me feeling hopeless and helpless. They tried everything they could think of and nothing really worked. Many times men come in after their wife or girlfriend has left over these sexual problems. They want to change, but they don’t know how.

You are not alone. The National Survey of Health and Social Living found that 28% of men surveyed reported that they climaxed too soon. Even more men have difficulty getting a firm, lasting erection at least some of the time. Fortunately, very few men are completely impotent.


Dr. Gless, your voice on those MP3s is soothing and I really respond to it. I love that the inductions are different so I am never bored. I love using self-hypnosis because it makes a real difference in my life. J.C., MN

Self-Hypnosis relaxes

Why Self-hypnosis is the Answer.

Self-hypnosis can make a real difference because it connects the unconscious mind and the body.  If you can have an erection for even a minute, you can learn to lengthen that time to 3 minutes, to ten minutes or as long as you need. If you can keep from having an orgasm for a minute or even less, with self-hypnosis and exercises you can learn to last as long as you want to, as long as you need to.

Too many men believe they are failures as lovers when their real problem is trying too hard. In my self-hypnosis sessions you learn how to relax into a pleasurable state of arousal. Getting an erection begins by relaxing. You discover how to use the Pleasure Principle to get and keep an erection.

For premature ejaculation, In self-hypnosis you learn to identify the point of no return. That’s the point where you start to have an orgasm and can’t stop. Through self-hypnosis you begin to use the pleasure principle to stay aroused without having an orgasm. You develop real control.

What Makes These Instant Downloads Special?

These self-hypnosis MP3s were created by professionals, Dr. Gless and Dr.Overholser, after many years of successfully treating men with these problems. Each induction is different and specially constructed to get the results you want. Unlike many that repeat the same simple induction no matter what the problem is. Dr. Gless’s voice relaxes you into a powerful place, supported by beautiful music. You will find yourself transported to a state of pleasure and relaxation. Try a Relaxing Moment for free!


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Increasing Your Ability to Experience Pleasure.

Men try the best they can to deal with PE. They  try to work it out the only way they know.  Sometimes men try to control premature ejaculation and last longer by distracting themselves and reducing the level of pleasure they are experiencing. Unfortunately, this can reduce pleasure so much that it leads to impotence later on. The reality is that increasing your ability to experience pleasure is the best treatment for these problems.

What is the Secret to Having Great Sex?

The secret to having great sex is the ability to relax and experience the power of pleasure. Some of my clients say to me, "But I am feeling pleasure. It's just that my penis won't work." or "My penis is too sensitive. Should I use numbing cream?" I don't recommend using numbing cream because it reduces pleasure. And reducing pleasure makes the problem worse. That’s why I teach you how to  use the Pleasure Principle! 

Thank you Dr. Gless. I finally have control over my PE and I can last as long as I need. R.W., CA

Learn the Secrets of Staying Aroused.

The Pleasure Principle begins with relaxation. And self-hypnosis is the perfect process for you to learn to be relaxed and turned on at the same time. When you learn the Pleasure Principle though self-hypnosis you learn the secrets to staying aroused while not sliding into orgasm or loss of your erection. And there’s an added benefit, When you learn to handle pleasure, your climaxes will be more intense too.

To achieve your maximum sexual potential I recommend my self-hypnosis MP3 which lead you into hypnosis so you can reprogram your mind to fully enjoy sex and completely satisfy yourself and your partner.

Why Should I Buy the Pure Pleasure System?

Created by a licensed, professional sex therapist who is also a registered nurse.

Based on years of successful, professional experience.

The sessions focus on increasing good feelings.

You will eliminate negative thinking and feel confident.

Too many self-hypnosis Mp3s repeat the same simple induction no matter what the problem is.

With the Pure Pleasure System each induction is different and specially constructed to get the results you want. 

The best part is you can listen to these over and over in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Each time you listen your ability to relax and enjoy sex increases.

A great value at a low price!

Four CDs 7 self-hypnosis sessions and a book

You get Instant Download Mp3s and a PDF file. That is 9 Self Hypnosis Sessions and a book.

Better Sex through self hypnosis
Risk-free because it is
100% guaranteed

No one should be without a great sex life. Why wait another day?

Product Details:

The Pure Pleasure for Men System consists of a 9 MP3 set and a book, Pure Pleasure for Men.

The sessions are divided into 4 sections:

The first section, Learning Self-Hypnosis, introduces you to the pleasure principle and self-hypnosis. Dr. Gless tells you how the Pleasure Principle works and gives your first training in self-hypnosis.

The second section, Greater Pleasure, uses self-hypnosis to eliminate negative beliefs about sex and tap into your capacity to deeply enjoy sex. With these self-hypnosis sessions you will learn how to enjoy all the sensual and sexual pleasures you can have.

The third section, Potency, increases your confidence and connects you with the power of pleasure. Your unconscious mind releases old performance expectations so you can feel confident about your erection. This MP3 reprograms your unconscious mind to approach sex with confidence and positive expectations. The focus is on pleasure and success.

The Fourth section, Lasting Pleasure, gives you the skills you need to function confidently and with full enjoyment. You learn to identify the Point of No Return, the point where orgasm is inevitable, and the sensations that lead up to that point. Then you learn to maintain your erection by focusing on pleasure and controlling the Point of No Return.

About 3 weeks ago I recieved your MP3s. They have really made a big difference in my life. I cannot express my gratitude in words. If you are one of those who have said, "If I can make a difference in just one person's life...", you have done it. You have made a great difference in my life. I thank you. Carl S., TN

Great sex though self hypnosis
Order with confidance because its 100% guaranteed.

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No one should be without a great sex life. Why wait another day? Get your Instant Download Mp3s and Order Now!

Thank You and


Karen Gless, Ph.D.

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Thank you and I look forward to working with you,
Dr Karen Gless

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