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I have a private psychotherapy practice in San Diego, California, for more than 14 years. I help my patients
deal with problems in their relationships and in their sex lives. Feel free to contact me at

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Here is what some of my clients have to say:

"Thanks again for everything – You really made a difference in our lives". Alice and Paul

"You were the first to give us tests to help us understand ourselves and each other. We saw several therapists and you were the first one to help us". Sheila and Henry

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Dr. Karen Gless, Ph.D.

Is Low Desire Ruining Your Relationship?

Do You Feel You’re Missing Something?


You've read self help articles or romance novels describing uninhibited, wildly enjoyable sex.

Do you fear you will never get to experience that?  You hear other women say they're having a great sex life.  Do you hear yourself thinking, “What’s the big deal about sex anyway?” Are you afraid you can’t attract or keep a man because you have a low sex drive? Are you frustrated because you don’t have satisfying orgasms? Or do you have trouble having a female orgasm at all?

Designed by a Woman for Women.

I know what I’m talking about based on real life experience. I am a licensed, trained sex therapist and I’ve worked with women with problems just like yours for 20 years. I’ve helped hundreds of women improve their sex lives and I can help you. I am also a registered nurse and that experience and training gives me a real understanding of how a woman’s body works and the physical side of sexuality.

I am also a certified hypnotherapist and I’ve used hypnosis to help my clients to a good, satisfying sex life. It's wonderful to see what a difference better sex makes in a woman’s life and in her relationships. And that’s why I created these special self-hypnosis program to help you to the rewarding sex life and fulfilled relationship you desire and deserve.


woman using self-hypnosis

You Are Not Alone. 

Many women long for a deeper, more fulfilling sexual relationship with more intense orgasms. The National Survey of Health and Social Living found that 33% of married women complained of a low sex drive. And about 30% of women report that they have never had a female orgasm. I have worked with many women who were convinced they had a low sex drive or no sexual desire at all. Through self-hypnosis they eliminated the negative thinking that creates low desire in women and that blocks their natural feelings. The were able to open up to the sexual pleasure they deserve. And have good, fully satisfying orgasms.

Self-Hypnosis for Great Sex!

Women who really get into the sexual experience enter a trance.  The rest of the world disappears and they are completely focused on their experiences.  This is the essence of entering a hypnotic trance.

With self-hypnosis you can take your level of desire for sex, no matter how low, and greatly increase it. By using my self-hypnosis MP3s for instant download you can enjoy a more loving, intense sexual connection with your partner and release the power of your natural sensuality and sexuality.


Great Sex through Self Hypnosis
Risk-free because it is
100% guaranteed

I wanted to thank you. I bought the mp3s and just love them. With your help I discovered that I was getting so distracted that I wasn't able to reach orgasm. With the help of your mp3s I can now focus on my own pleasure. I'm in love with my husband all over again.
C.B., FL

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Yes, You Can Have an Orgasm!

With self-hypnosis you learn to relax into that special sexual trance.  From there it is much easier to move into sexual release and orgasm.  In self-hypnosis you release all those negative thoughts and feelings that hold you back from the pleasure you deserve.

Respected sex researchers William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian studied women who had never felt an orgasm. They found that these women have at least some physical reactions during sexual stimulation that indicate they had an orgasm. In self-hypnosis you can connect with those reactions, feel them and increase them until you feel an orgasm. Then you can increase those feelings into a fully satisfying, wonderful orgasm.

Is it Finally Time to Stop Taking Care of Everyone Else But You?

Many women have trouble having a female orgasm because they can’t take pleasure for themselves. They try to please their mate and feel guilty or embarrassed focusing on themselves or they let themselves get distracted easily. Self-hypnosis is very effective at helping you take care of your own needs and relax into an orgasm.

My self-hypnosis instant download MP3s increase your awareness of the feelings of female orgasm and deepen the pleasure that you experience. Those who have little or no sensation during orgasm learn to have satisfying releases. Those who have good orgasms learn to have great ones.

Why Should I Buy the Pure Pleasure System?

Created by a licensed, professional sex therapist who is also a registered nurse.

Based on years of successful, professional experience.

The sessions focus on increasing good feelings.

You will eliminate negative thinking that creates low desire in women and feel confident.

Too many self-hypnosis sessions repeat the same simple induction no matter what the problem is.

With the Pure Pleasure System each induction is different and specially constructed to get the results you want. 

The best part is you can listen to these over and over in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Each time you listen your ability to relax and enjoy sex increases.

A great value at a low price!

You get Instant Download Mp3s and a PDF file. That is 9 Self Hypnosis Sessions and a book.

Order Now! Great sex through self hypnosis
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No one should be without a great sex life.

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Dr. Gless, My wife and I have used your system with extraordinary results. Thank you so much it has made us so much closer and happier. J.D., Co

Self Help Program Details:

The Pure Pleasure System, MP3s (for immediate download).

With the Pure Pleasure Self-Hypnosis MP3s, you can achieve sexual fulfillment. The set includes nine MP3's and the booklet, The Pure Pleasure System.

The sessions are divided into 4 sections:

The first section, Learning Self-Hypnosis, introduces you to the pleasure principle and self-hypnosis. Dr. Gless introduces the Pleasure Principle and gives your first training in self-hypnosis.

The second section, Heightened Pleasure, uses self-hypnosis to eliminate negative beliefs about sex and tap into your capacity to deeply enjoy sex. With these self-hypnosis sessions you will learn how to enjoy all aspects of sensual and sexual pleasures.

The third section, Increasing Desire, sweeps away blocks and intensifies your natural desire for sex by eliminating the negative thinking that blocks your natural feelings so you can realize the desire you actually feel and increase it. Then you are guided to an increased awareness of positive sexual feelings. Because arousal begins in the unconscious mind, you gain true control by relaxing your conscious mind and following the wisdom of your body and your unconscious mind.

The fourth section, Orgasmic Intensity, uses the Pleasure Principle to greatly increase your enjoyment of sex and experience of female orgasms. It focuses your thoughts on the pleasure you are experiencing during sex and uses your mind as a natural aphrodisiac to increase the intensity of your orgasms.

If you have any questions about low desire in women or female orgasm that you would like me to answer,
please email me at the email address found on my order page.

Thank you and I look forward to helping you,

Dr Karen Gless

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